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My email address is for business purposes ONLY. Please do not send personal messages, chain mail, or in any way flood my account with emails that do not pertain to a current commission or sale. If it happens enough to make me scream at my monitor, your email address will be permanently blocked. Thank you.

sailortelevator: FINISHED!

Venus Love-Me Chain!Collapse )

So, to make this official, I have moved the folder on my computer with all your pictures from "current projects" to "finished"! ^0^ AND!!! It's now on my Past Work page as well. If you would like me to put it in my gallery, wear it in-costume and take a pretty, pretty picture. :3

shadoupandora: finished!

Pluto Planet Power, Make UP!Collapse )

I'll ship it out Tuesday at the latest. I actually just discovered from these pictures that there's an imperfection in the paint job on the front. That will be fixed prior to shipping.


Paint: SUTA~TO!


All my resin gem pictures have been edited, and pictures of things I no longer have have been taken down. What you see is what I have.

...unless I missed something... >___>;;

ALSO! I moved my Sailor Moon boots to the SM Accessories page, added a link to the sailor senshi bodice, AND I finally have a picture of the Princess Mercury necklace!


commission progress:

New brooches

The third one is a refurbished one. I found it and it just needed a little TLC! ^_^ The other two are the result of needing to cast a lot of red resin for commissions. Enjoy!